Be Quiet! Silent Loop 280mm Liquid CPU Cooler, Full Copper, 2 x 14cm Pure Wings 2 PWM Fans

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Superior Cooling and Silence
With Silent Loop be quiet! brings whisper-silent technology to the world of All-in-One watercooling, making liquid cooling an attractive option for those who want to heavily overclock CPUs for maximum processing performance or cool high-power PC systems.
  • All-in-One water cooling provides everything you need in one package
  • Innovative decoupled reverse-flow pump assures excellent cooling efficiency with whisper-quiet operation
  • Two Pure Wings 2 140mm PWM fans feature airflow-optimized fan blades and variable speed operation
  • Full copper radiator maximizes heat transfer for peak cooling performance
  • Refill port and flexible bend-protection tubes extend the product’s life span and promote easy handling
  • Compatible with Intel® and AMDTM sockets, and sized to permit full use of RAM slots
  • Product conception, design and quality control in Germany
• Demanding PC systems
• Heavily overclocked systems
• High-resolution gaming and multimedia systems
• Any PC that requires superior quietness, such as audio editing, studio work, or simply a HTPC
Ultra-quiet Operation
• Innovative decoupled reverse-flow pump provides low-noise operation with less vibration
• Thanks to the technique “reverse-flow” the pump draws the liquid coolant from an outer cavity of the pump housing across the base plate and discharges the warmed liquid coolant through a second level inside
• Two Pure Wings 2 140mm PWM fans include an array of optimizations for quiet airflow
   - unique airflow-optimized fan blade design reduces noise-generating fan turbulence
   - high-quality rifle bearing technology contributes to a long lifespan of up to 80,000 hours
   - PWM speed control function allows for optimum balance between quiet operations and efficient cooling
Superior Cooling Performance
• Full copper radiator maximizes heat transfer for peak cooling performance
• Nickel-plated coldplate allows the use of heat-conducting metallic paste, thus improving heat transfer and overall cooling efficiency
• Extremely high TDP rating supports heavily overclocked CPUs and demanding systems
• Increased air pressure thanks to a highly efficient blade design of the two 140mm Pure Wings 2 PWM fans, making these fans the perfect partners to work with the radiator
Maximum Compatibility and Convenience
• Flexible bend- and pinch-protected tubes take the worry out of routing supply lines
• Small and thoughtful heat exchanger design supports full use of RAM slots
• Refill port extends the product’s useful lifespan and promotes silent operation
• Compatible with Intel® and AMDTM sockets
• Convenient radiator mounting is compatible to most case designs
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  • Type: Liquid CPU Cooler
  • AMD/Intel: Combo
  • Compatibility: "Intel: LGA 775 / 1150 / 1151 / 1155 / 1156 / 1366 / 2011(-3) Square ILM, 2066

    AMD: AM2(+) / AM3(+) / FM1 / FM2(+)"
  • TDP: 400W
  • Fan Connector(s): 4-pin
  • #Hide#LED Lighting: No
  • Colour: Black
  • Material: Radiator: copper / black spray painted
    Base: copper / dark nickel plated
    CPU contact surface: CNC machined
    Surface treatment: mirror polished
  • Weight: 1.574 kg
  • Fan Dimensions: 140 x 140 x 25 mm
  • Dimensions: 319 x 144 x 30 mm
  • Fan Controller: PWM
  • Rotation Speed: "16,000 rpm"
  • Fan Bearing: Rifle
  • Air Flow: @ 12V (cfm / m3/h): 94.2 / 160
  • #Hide#775 Socket: Supports Socket 775
  • Noise level: 25 % / 50% /100% rpm: 16.1 / 24.1 / 37.3
  • Power: Rated voltage: 12V
    Input current: 0.3A
    Input power: 3.6W
  • Additional Features: See Overview
  • MTBF: "80,000 h / 25C"
  • Package Type: Retail
  • Package Weight: 2.7300 kg
  • Warranty: 3 Years
  • #Hide#115x Sockets: Supports Sockets 115x
  • #Hide#2066 Socket: Supports Socket 2066
  • #Hide#2011(-3) Socket: Supports Socket 2011(-3)
  • #Hide#1366 Socket: Supports Socket 1366
  • #Hide# AM3(+) Socket: Supports Socket AM3(+)
  • #Hide# AM2(+) Socket: Supports Socket AM2(+)
  • #Hide# FM2(+) Socket: Supports Socket FM2(+)
  • #Hide#FM1 Socket: Supports Socket FM1
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Be Quiet! Silent Loop 280mm Liquid CPU Cooler, Full Copper, 2 x 14cm Pure Wings 2 PWM Fans <p><strong>Description</strong></p><p></p><p><strong>Specification</strong></p><ul><li><strong>Type:</strong> Liquid CPU Cooler</li><li><strong>AMD/Intel:</strong> Combo</li><li><strong>Compatibility:</strong> "Intel: LGA 775 / 1150 / 1151 / 1155 / 1156 / 1366 / 2011(-3) Square ILM, 2066<br /><br />AMD: AM2(+) / AM3(+) / FM1 / FM2(+)"</li><li><strong>TDP:</strong> 400W</li><li><strong>Fan Connector(s):</strong> 4-pin</li><li><strong>#Hide#LED Lighting:</strong> No</li><li><strong>Colour:</strong> Black</li><li><strong>Material:</strong> Radiator: copper / black spray painted<br />Base: copper / dark nickel plated<br />CPU contact surface: CNC machined<br />Surface treatment: mirror polished</li><li><strong>Weight:</strong> 1.574 kg</li><li><strong>Fan Dimensions:</strong> 140 x 140 x 25 mm</li><li><strong>Dimensions:</strong> 319 x 144 x 30 mm</li><li><strong>Fan Controller:</strong> PWM</li><li><strong>Rotation Speed:</strong> "16,000 rpm"</li><li><strong>Fan Bearing:</strong> Rifle</li><li><strong>Air Flow:</strong> @ 12V (cfm / m3/h): 94.2 / 160</li><li><strong>#Hide#775 Socket:</strong> Supports Socket 775</li><li><strong>Noise level:</strong> 25 % / 50% /100% rpm: 16.1 / 24.1 / 37.3</li><li><strong>Power:</strong> Rated voltage: 12V<br />Input current: 0.3A<br />Input power: 3.6W</li><li><strong>Additional Features:</strong> See Overview</li><li><strong>MTBF:</strong> "80,000 h / 25C"</li><li><strong>Package Type:</strong> Retail</li><li><strong>Package Weight:</strong> 2.7300 kg</li><li><strong>Warranty:</strong> 3 Years</li><li><strong>#Hide#115x Sockets:</strong> Supports Sockets 115x</li><li><strong>#Hide#2066 Socket:</strong> Supports Socket 2066</li><li><strong>#Hide#2011(-3) Socket:</strong> Supports Socket 2011(-3)</li><li><strong>#Hide#1366 Socket:</strong> Supports Socket 1366</li><li><strong>#Hide# AM3(+) Socket:</strong> Supports Socket AM3(+)</li><li><strong>#Hide# AM2(+) Socket:</strong> Supports Socket AM2(+)</li><li><strong>#Hide# FM2(+) Socket:</strong> Supports Socket FM2(+)</li><li><strong>#Hide#FM1 Socket:</strong> Supports Socket FM1</li></ul> cooling 4260052185285 145.11 GBP out_of_stock