Repair Terms and Conditions

We wish to draw our customers attention to the following….

Our engineers exercise the utmost care and due diligence during all work performed on a customer’s computer equipment. 

Due to the fragile and sometimes unstable nature of computer equipment, problems can arise with that equipment which might appear to be a result of that work being carried out but which in fact are not caused by negligence, lack of diligence or lack of care. These problems are more common on older systems but are not exclusive to older systems.

Whilst we will do our best to help overcome those problems, it should be recognized that as such problems are not necessarily due to any fault of ours, we can accept no liability for any problems which arise as a consequence of said work being carried out on said equipment. 

We reserve the right to levy a fee for any further work carried out as a consequence of our initial upgrade or repair to the said equipment.

Westbrook Computers Ltd reserves the right to dispose of any computer equipment or belongings left with us after two weeks from notification of completed diagnostics or when item is not repairable by us, This can be by telephone, email or in writing.


Although we attempt to backup any important data that maybe required, it is the sole responsibility of our customers to ensure any data is backed up and we cannot be held responsible for any data lost during the repair process. 

We reserve the right to charge a diagnosis fee if items are diagnosed by us and the repair isn't carried out by us. If repair is carried out by us the diagnosis fee will not be charged.


Phone Repairs

All screens we replace have a 12 month warranty unless there is any damage to the screen (scratches, blemishes, cracks or water damage). We recommend having a glass screen protector on your phone at all time to reduce risk of damage to the screen. For any faults reported we will request the device is returned to our office so we can inspect it and then replace the faulty part or quote to repair it if there is damage to the screen.


Westbrook Phone / VOIP Products Terms and Conditions 


1. Length of contract will be stated by email during quote / provisioning and on first invoice.

2.  By paying initial invoice you accept these conditions and length of contract. 

3. Once system has gone live, we reserve the right to charge for reconfiguration.

4. If invoices are outstanding past 60 days service will be put on hold, this will stop all calls. This will not be lifted until full outstanding amounts are paid.


1. You can cancel within first 30 days of service going live without incurring any early termination fees. 

2. If you wish to cancel contract after 30 days, you will be expected to pay full remaining term this will be calculated from end of month or 30 days from notification date whichever comes first. 

3. Phone numbers will not be released until outstanding fees are paid.

4. 30 Days’ notice is required to cancel product we will calculate any outstanding amounts as per cancellation condition 2.

5. All equipment remains the property of Westbrook Computers Ltd until full term of contract unless remaining balance paid or items paid for upfront.